Voice Engagement with Customers

by | Friday 28th September 2018

Enterprise Innovation

It seems every business has desires to evolve and find more efficient ways to reach and engage with customers and provider better service along the way. The role technology plays in driving enhanced customer experiences is also evolving with tools being developed for more productive and personalized services with the ultimate goal of customer loyalty.

Large corporate industries in services we need (banking, medical, travel, retail) can be intimidating, impersonal, and frustrating so it’s no wonder that companies are exploring the use of technology for a better and seamless user experience to maintain and grow their customer base.

While the channels of communication have expanded with mobile, websites, and emails, software algorithms continue to advance with more sophisticated (and knowledgeable) AI data-gather tools to better respond and customize to the needs of consumers.

Building Customer Efficiencies

Driven by the increasing focus on workforce automation, machine learning in context and reasoning, and data management, voice as a user interface has emerged as a key component and solution to drive efficiencies, customization, and productivity across a range of industry segments. There are a number of industries ready to embrace the benefits of voice assistant technology, many being considered where voice UI applications could be successfully used. These range from financial services, healthcare, hospitality, retail, manufacturing, government, education, and other businesses.

Platform Providers Expanding Applications and Adoption

The voice enterprise market is wide open with a number of established and new platform providers such as IBM, Nuance, Fortemedia, Cisco, Omilia, Genesys, Verint, Hoya, Microsoft, Amazon, Google and many others competing with innovative and customer-centric solutions to support this growing and exciting ecosystem.

While still emerging, enterprise voice will experience significant growth over the next five years. SAR expects >30% CAGR worldwide reaching over 700 million active users by 2023, surpassing a cumulative total 2.0 billion users over five years.

Enterprise Voice Market

SAR Insight and Consulting recently published its latest report on the enterprise voice market, which examines the leading indicators of technological growth, the enterprise markets that are most likely to benefit from voice technology, and the leading speech recognition platform providers contributing to the growth of voice-enabled technologies that are disrupting the way we do business on a daily basis.

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